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Internationally Recognized Leadership Consultant, Coach, Author and Speaker

  • Fee Range: $7501 - $15,000
  • Travels From: Michigan
  • Topics: Business Motivation, Communication, Ethics/Values, Leadership, Personal Transformation

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About John Baldoni
John Baldoni is an internationally recognized leadership consultant, coach, author and speaker. He is the president of Baldoni Consulting LLC, an executive coaching and leadership development firm.

John has taught what it means to inspire at the top of a mountain in the Canadian Rockies. At sea level in Orlando, Florida, John spoke to nearly one thousand USAF/JAG commissioned and non-commissioned officers on leadership and communication. His newest book, Lead With Purpose, Giving Your Organization a Reason to Believe in Itself, was recognized as one of the Best Leadership Books of 2011 --

In 2011, John was named one of the world's top 25 leadership experts by Top Leadership Gurus International. Leadership Gurus International ranked John No. 10 on its list of global leadership gurus.

John began his business career in a fifteenth floor office with a view of a private golf course. Around the corner was a commanding view of the Pacific Ocean. In between was a recording studio where John produced and edited corporate radio spots. But John gave that all up to start his own business in the spare bedroom of a beach front rental more than three decades ago.

In time, John established a career as a highly sought after communications and leadership consultant, where he had the privilege of working with senior leaders in virtually every industry from pharmaceutical to real estate, packaged goods to automobiles, and finance to health care.

John speaks widely to corporate, professional, military and university audiences. Those who attend John's keynotes and workshops find his advice to be practical and inspirational. Mixed with stories of great men and women, and leavened with light hearted humor, John offers down-to-earth practical advice that individuals can apply immediately. John's presentations blend his passion for leadership with genuine enthusiasm for helping people achieve their leadership ambitions.

In the Fall of 2011, John published his tenth book, Lead With Purpose: Giving Your Organization a Reason to Believe in Itself. Over the past decade, John has established himself as a world authority on topics that matter to leaders who are seeking insight into leadership challenges of the day. Through his books and many columns for leading business publications, John has become a source of practical wisdom on topics such as influencing without authority, applying power appropriately, leading with grace and conviction, and developing genuine followership. All of these topics complement John's mission to help individuals and their organizations achieve positive results.

As a recognized global thought leader, John's executive coaching helps managers to achieve positive results by focusing on communication, influence, motivation and supervision. John specializes in leadership presence, which he defines as "demonstrating earned authority." John's coaching clients including Fortune 1000 companies as well as non-profits.

John is an online contributor to CBSNews/MoneyWatch, Bloomberg/Businessweek, and Harvard Business Review. John's columns have appeared in the online versions of FastCompany, Forbes, Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post as well as Leader to Leader and the Wharton Leadership Digest.

John has been quoted by scores of publications including the New York Times, Boston Globe, Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, Globe and Mail (Canada), HR Management, and the Washington Post. Additionally he has appeared on many radio programs, including the national version of the Michael Smerconish Show. Reviews of his work have appeared in a number of publications including Investor's Business Daily, Training & Development, Sales & Marketing Management, and The Hindu.

A resident of Ann Arbor, Michigan, John shares a home with his wife, Gail. They are the parents of two grown children. Author, speaker, coach, John Baldoni loves his work and seeks to instill hope and optimism to all he reaches and teaches.



Selected Speaking Topics

  • MOXIE: The Secret to Bold and Gutsy Leadership
  • Put Purpose to Work So Everyone Win
  • Influencing from the Middle: Leading Boss & Peers
  • Leading from Hard Times to Good Times
  • 12 Steps to Power Presence
  • How Great Leaders Get Great Results
  • How Great Leaders Motivate
  • How Great Leaders Communicate


MOXIE: The Secret to Bold and Gutsy Leadership

Leading others to achieve positive results is not easy. Not only must leaders be smart, they must be resilient. They need to be able to view challenges as opportunities. And if they are knocked down they need to find ways to pick up themselves as well as their teams. In short successful leaders have something that distinguishes them from others.

We say they have "moxie" - one part determination, one part smarts, and one part courage!


Leaders need to be mindful of their strengths as well as their shortcomings. They must also be opportunistic in the sense of wanting to make positive things happen. Leaders also need to have the disposition to succeed as well as the inner resourcefulness to persevere. We call this the "right stuff to lead," or X-factors. Leaders know that risk is involved with most ventures so they must be willing to do things differently. They must be innovators. And all good leaders know that they by themselves accomplish very little. They must engage with others in order to achieve sustainable goals for themselves, their teams and their organizations.


In his keynote "MOXIE: The Secret to Bold and Gutsy Leadership," John Baldoni will show how leaders can demonstrate:

  • Mindfulness... Practice it consistently
  • Opportunity... Capitalize on it
  • X-Factor... Practice the "right stuff of leadership"
  • Innovation... Create pathways to success
  • Engagement... Achieve intended results with others



Putting Purpose to Work So Everyone Wins

When an organization succeeds it is because they know what they do and why they do it. We say they have purpose.

When I speak to executives, I ask them: what would you give to have an entire company full of employees who know what they do, love it and want to keep on doing it. They smile wistfully knowing that such commitment is rare. But in reality it is only rare because companies do not take enough time nurturing such attitudes in the workplace.

It is up to leaders to make certain that organizational purpose is understood and acted upon. Based upon research and interviews with business executives in multiple sectors I have concluded that there are five key people-smart things that businesses must do to succeed in the new future.

In this presentation, John will explore:

  • How defined purpose can help your team thrive and achieve
  • Ways to make people your first priority
  • How to turn good intentions into great results
  • How to make employees "comfortable with the uncomfortable" (i.e. ambiguity)
  • How make it safe to fail (and prevail)
  • How to create your legacy with emerging leaders


Influencing from the Middle: Leading Your Boss & Your Peers

"Leading up" is the process of leading your organization from the middle. It requires the mindset of a CEO with the authority of a middle manager. Leading up and from the middle requires two things: influence and action. Influence is necessary to open doors so you can be heard. Action is necessary to implement your plan. Those who succeed at leading from the middle are artful and adept managers. They utilize their management skills to establish goals, plan projects, organize people, and execute projects on time and on budget.

"Influencing from the Middle" presents ways that managers can create and leverage their influence to build coalitions in order to effect positive change and achieve organizational goals. Managers who lead up are those who can influence across boundaries because they have the trust and respect of senior leaders and colleagues.

In his presentation, John will teach how to:

  • Influence up, down and across the organization
  • Lead bosses and peers to achieve greater results
  • Build a coalition of peers
  • Create the impetus for organizational effectiveness, e.g. making good things happen
  • Become an agent of positive change
  • Ask the right questions at the right time
  • Demonstrate authority, conviction and compassion
  • Deliver practical tips for leadership who must communicate, delegate, manage, and inspire


Leading from Hard Times to Good Times

A true leader is one who can lead people with decisiveness, authority, conviction, and compassion. People are put into positions of authority, but it is up to the individual to earn the respect and trust of his followers.

Personal example sets the standard for everything. When followers see the leader doing what is right for the team; that is, supporting, developing, nurturing, and defending in good times and bad, they grant the leader their trust. Managers who put the interests of their people first by helping them to grow, develop, and take on more responsibilities cease to be mere managers; they are leaders of men and women who have earned their stripes by giving their people a reason to believe.

In this presentation, John will:

  • Demonstrate what a leader must do to inspire others to follow and fulfill the vision, mission and strategies of the organization
  • Reveal insights and stories of men and women who know how to lead from the front
  • Provide insights managing conflict, promoting resilience, and creating a winning culture
  • Deliver practical tips for leadership who must communicate, delegate, manage, and inspire


12 Steps to Power Presence

Leaders project power through their presence.

Leadership presence is the outward manifestation of leadership behavior. While leaders project their leadership, followers authorize it with their approval. Leadership presence is "earned authority." Those two words are important. Earned means you have led by example.

"12 Steps to Power Presence" demonstrates ways managers can improve their presence strategically and tactically to develop the trust of their people so that they can accomplish their goals and the goals of the organization. This presentation will guide you through the process of discovering, developing, and delivering on your leadership presence.

"12 Steps to Power Presence" explains what it takes to be a leader - one who can develop the trust of people in order to can accomplish individual and organizational goals and results. In this presentation, John will teach how to:

  • Project A2 (authenticity/authority) through presence
  • Transform good character into positive action
  • Explore five aspects of authority
  • Instill pride of purpose
  • Project hope and optimism
  • Coach your boss
  • Deliver practical tips for leadership who must communicate, delegate, manage, and inspire


Getting the Right Results the Right Way Right Now

It is the responsibility of the leader to stimulate the development of individual and team goals that fulfill organizational results. Effective leaders place those goals within context the organization's mission, vision and values. By linking goals to results, leaders make them personal as well as doable. Communication becomes the tool that leaders use to rally people around a common cause. By creating messages and stories the leader can create expectations, drive execution and attain inspired results.

Learning Objectives:

Participants who complete this program will be able to:

  • Define the leader's role in gaining results
  • Describe the leader-results model (aspire, perspire, require, transpire)
  • Develop a leadership results action plan

Who Should Attend:

Middle managers, senior leaders



Module 1: Focusing on the Right Goals

  • Setting the vision
  • Defining vision & goals
  • Creating Alignment

Module 2: Executing with Discipline and Accountability

  • Pushing for getting things done right
  • Following up
  • Holding self and team accountable

Module 3: Enabling Risk and Promoting Courage

  • Encouraging risk
  • Why courage is important
  • Creating and telling leadership stories

Module 4: Getting the Right Results

  • Presenting the aligned action model
  • Developing a leadership action plan

Program Length:1 day

Results: Participants will learn to use communications to develop greater levels of trust and achieve inspired results.


Great Leaders Are Great Motivators

Motivation is an essential leadership behavior; it combines an ability to communicate with an ability to coach, supervise, delegate and reward. In other words, motivation is fundamental to organizational effectiveness and individual success and growth. The secret to motivation is straightforward - you don't motivate people directly; you create conditions for people to motivate themselves. Why? To improve performance and get results!

"Great Leaders are Great Motivators" delivers real-world "best practices" that leaders at every level can use to get their people revved up and raring to go the right way.

Specifically, John suggests that leaders do the following:

  • Learn how to set expectations that excite the imagination and provide a pathway to fulfillment
  • Empower people by aligning them to goals and delivering resources they need to achieve them
  • Turn "bad attitudes" into good work habits by listening, learning, and making positive changes.
  • Get people to challenge your ideas - encourage people on the team to think for themselves and even disagree with you.
  • Communicate with clarity
  • Share the leadership load - delegate responsibility and authority to others.
  • Create an "energy room" - designate a special place where people can come together to share their best ideas. Post them on the wall for all to see.
  • Coach by providing direction as well as constructive feedback
  • Recognize and reward individuals in a timely and meaningful manner
  • Honor the teachers - give back to those who made your success possible.


Great Communicators Make Great Leaders

Leadership communications are messages from the leader rooted in the culture and values of the organization and of significant importance to key stakeholders. The messages are about vision, mission, transformation, and urgency. The purpose of leadership communications is to build trust and drive results. Great Communicators will show how leaders can develop, deliver, and sustain leadership communications to achieve individual, team and organizational goals.

Learning Objectives:

Participants who complete this program will be able to:

  • Define the role of communications as leadership behavior
  • Develop the leadership message
  • Deliver the leadership message (verbally and virtually)
  • Sustain the leadership message through communications planning

Who Should Attend: First-time supervisors, middle managers



Module 1: Why communication is central to leadership

  • Communication is essential building trust & gaining results
  • Role of leadership communications
  • Purpose of leadership messages
  • Developing the 4I's Model

Module 2: Developing the leadership message

  • Who is the leader: visionary, expert, coach, transformer
  • Organizational climate
  • Purpose of leadership message
  • Ensuring credibility

Module 3: Delivering the leadership message

  • Drafting the message
  • Overcoming objections
  • Art & Practice of Interrogatory
  • Leadership storytelling

Module 4: Sustaining the leadership message

  • Staying on message
  • No news is news
  • 4 Communication Channels (editorial, marketing, organizational, web)
  • Leadership communications planning: strategy, tactics, execution
  • The Upward Message
  • Evaluation: Communications audit

Program Length:1-day workshop, ½ day workshop follow-up session

Individual communications coaching sessions, if desired



Participants will learn to use communications to develop greater levels of trust and achieve inspired results.


Custom Presentations

Do you have a leadership topic you would like customized for your group?

John prides himself on his ability to develop and deliver presentations that cover the issues your organization is facing. As an executive coach John with decades of experience work in organizations large and small, John can provide the perspective your people can appreciate to enable them to devise solutions that complement the mission and goals of your organization.





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