About Us

SCS acknowledges its obligation to both you as the client and the speaker as the talent. Matching your organization's needs or requirements with the most appropriate talent solution is our absolute objective. We will do that!

SCS is focused on the broad-based business and organizational market, with content rich talent that addresses real business issues. We understand the expectations of business people and meeting planners, for we came from that world. As business people, managers, and executives, we've attended, produced and executed thousands of programs. We recognize the criticality of presenting the most appropriate talent in front of an audience to effectively deliver the message. We welcome the opportunity to bring that expertise to your event or program.

At SCS, it is our objective to be your meeting and program consultant, not just once... but always! Let us apply our collective expertise to your planning process... and we will justify our position at your event planning table. In addition, SCS can provide services beyond the sourcing of talent. Therefore, dependent upon how we are engaged within your process and the overall role(s) we are engaged to play, we could further leverage your success.

Let's have a discussion..........and see what works for you!