Services to Clients

The world is ever-changing........What do you need NOW? 

Selecting and engaging the most appropriate keynote speaker, consultant or trainer for a corporate, organizational or governmental function can be the most important decision within the overall planning process. The talent sets the tone, delivers the thought provoking message and drives the critical success of the event. Exceeding all expectations must be the norm. There are no second chances to generate the impact desired. 

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to achieve that objective! 

Speaker Consultant Services (SCS) have a collective speaker industry experience in excess of thirty years and we understand the importance of each and every event. We are focused on providing accomplished topical speakers across a range of business categories and within a specific budget to the professional business audience. 

The principals of SCS offer a breadth of business experiences across industries and positions including corporate Presidents and CEOs, and have founded companies across several markets and industries. Those professional experiences pre-ceded entering the speaker, consultant and trainer world, and the experiences provide a unique foundation for working with corporations, organizations, meeting planners, and event facilitators to address specific needs and achieve defined objectives.

We are proud to be associated with the individuals we represent at SCS. Our commitment to you is to be selective in our talent representation and focus on talent that addresses a broad range of critical business issues facing you today.

We are diligently evaluating talent and monitoring on-going and new business trends. We will constantly add to our faculty as new talents or trends emerge. SCS wants to assure you, that if your needs are best addressed by talent not currently represented on our site, we will deliver those individuals for an event, project or program important to you and your organization.

We welcome the opportunity to be your business talent consultant, and source the specific talent resources needed. Give us the opportunity......we will perform!